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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

BLINk and you'll miss it.

Here in Norfolk’s ‘Empty Quarter’ we’ve - at last, two months late - finally had access to information about what is happening about LINks in this county. Unsurprising I suppose, given the local authority it is!

The information comes via an initial newsletter from ‘Voluntary Norfolk’ - not, you will note, Norfolk County Council. And although NCC can argue that the interim LINk is independent and once established it was their responsibility to inform the public, I still have extant a second stage complaint about their behaviour before 1st April. Essentially this is about their incompetence and disregard of members of the public without means or opportunity to get access to their paltry two centralised preparatory meetings (remember they were given £10,000 by central government to set LINks up).

And, basically because I simply don’t trust the ‘business’ mindset not to wheel and deal on the margins of legitimacy, I’m still waiting for copies of the contracts and the tendering process.

Nevertheless, the information we now have about Norfolk’s interim LINks (the host will not be in place before September this year) is, on paper, nicely positive. The Newsletter says:

  • “The Interim LINk will be made up of 2 groups: a Core group of up to 20 members (similar to a decision-making Board); and a wider LINk membership where volunteers or reps from social care groups can opt in and out of Working Groups. Working Groups will focus on making sure results are achieved on specific issues or projects.”



  • NHS Norfolk Commissioning services - One representative sits on each commissioning programme board. Representation will be reviewed as the way the boards work become clearer.

Women & Children’s Health

Planned Care
Unplanned Care
Mental Health, Learning Difficulties & Substance misuse
Long Term Conditions
End of Life Care
Primary Care

Drugs & Therapeutics

  • Discharge Working group

  • Equity of services Working group -         Mental health services for older people & non-drug therapies

  • Communications Working group

  • Continuing PPI Health Working groups - Ambulance - District Nurses Out of Hours - 2 Core members - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (Norwich) - 6 LINk members and 1 Core member -James Paget University Hospital (Gt Yarmouth) - 14 LINk members and 1 Core member - Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Kings Lynn) - 5 LINk members and 1 Core member.“

In addition, no thanks to NCC, I now have e mail contact with Lucy Love, Manager - Interim LINk Host for Norfolk (Voluntary Norfolk). Her responses have been refreshingly swift, informative and friendly and I’m hoping to become, belatedly, involved.

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