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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

replies to 'inappropriate'

There had to be a couple of mail exchanges with PCX not committing themselves to many words. These are the mails:

“Hi Mike
Thanks for posting that. The comments box for blogs has a character limit which your response went over. I have fixed in the back end of the system and posted your reply.
Comments and forum posts will get refused automatically if there is inappropriate language as the T&Cs and Guidelines state.  
Feel free to publish my reply!
Best wishes


I then mailed back:

“Hello Paul.

The moderation policy says:

    *  Conduct and use of language - Your comments should be within the scope of the topic under discussion. Comments should be civil and tasteful, and must not be malicious or designed to offend. Swear-words and profanity will not be accepted.
    * No reference should be made to the personality of other participants nor should attacks be made on an individual's character.
    * Legal liability - You should remember that you are legally responsible for what you write. By submitting a comment you undertake to indemnify the National Centre for Involvement against any liability arising from breach of confidentiality or copyright, or any obscene, defamatory, seditious, blasphemous or other actionable statement you may make.
    * Advertising, spamming and research - All must be relevant to the subject of discussion.
    * Propriety and moderation - Comments used for party political purposes will be removed. 
    * Don’t impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation. Please don’t mislead other users by abusing our registration procedure. 

I can't see any of that in my response to Laura!! Unless it is perceived by others as uncivil or in bad taste and surely that's wholly subjective and not possible to measure?

Can't see any word/character limit. Should you state one up front? 



And the final say from PCX:

Certainly.   I'll add about length of comments this afternoon.  Many thanks for pointing it out.   We don't want members getting frustrated when their comments aren't accepted.
Many thanks again and best wishes

There is a response too from Laura on her PCX blog (see below for the address) along with comprehensive comment about service users on Boards which sounds to me like mandarin. I’d love you to have a look and tell me what you think, especially if you’re a service user - and it would be really valuable if more service users registered with PCX (free) and fed into what Laura is doing.

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