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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Norfolk County Council being tardy

Still no named LINks person for Norfolk CC. Received this today:

Norfolk is one of the Local Authorities I am chasing at the moment as we
have still not received a named contact from them. I will forward it on as
soon as I receive it.

Kind regards

Florella Baker
Policy Officer/ BCLO
Responsiveness and Accountability Branch
Experience and Involvement
Room 502A
Skipton House
80 London Road
London SE1 6LH
Tel: 020 7972 5324

"Developing policies that promote a culture of responsiveness and
partnership; involving people and communities to improve their experience
of health and social care."

Mike Cox
rnet.com> cc:
25/07/2007 15:07 Subject: LA LINks named contacts

Hello Florella Baker.

On 1st April I sent you this e mail:
With regard to the mail forwarded below (LiNks contacts), can you please
tell me who the `named contact` for Norfolk County Council is.

You replied:
Norfolk County Council have not yet submitted to us their named contact for
the procurement of LINks. I will forward this to you as soon as I receive
this information.

It is now almost five months on. Has Norfolk still not submitted a named
person and if not is there some sanction to deal with the omission?

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