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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Important notice from the Survivors Group

From Andrew Roberts
telephone: 020 8 986 5251
mobile 07505527755
home address: 177 Glenarm Road, London, E5 ONB

In January 2015 we had to cancel a meeting of the Survivors History
Group. This followed a difficult period working out how we could
mange as a group, raising money, and monitoring accounts, for

Careful thought and discussion followed and, as a result, we
separated the groups administrative issues from the general meetings
(they are dealt with by a small finance group) and prepared a series
of meetings with substantial discussions of themes (Mary Barnes and
creativity, for example) and books. These have been much appreciated,
but although records have been kept of the discussions, these have
not been adequately reported to readers of this email newsletter.
This is is one of the many things on which I have fallen behind.

The meetings we fully planned finished in September. Because of the
personal problems of members, we have decided to suspend future
meetings whilst we seek people to plan and run them. Andy Brooker has
suggested that we put together a small group of people in the London
area who could take on collective responsibility for planning and
organising some London meetings. Together have said they will be
happy to continue providing our free meeting space when we are ready
to resume.

Those of us who currently organise the meetings will carry on. What
we seek is other people to join us so that routine tasks like being
responsible for a meeting, welcoming people, making hot drinks and
(possibly) providing refreshments, are shared. If you think you could
help with this, please let me know. Once we have a few volunteers, we
can discuss planning a London programme for 2017.

Best wishes, Andrew

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