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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Green Discrimination.

It’s several times now I’ve been excluded because I’m a wheelchair user. The latest is the last - they  are just not conscious of disability issues.
Hi Lesley.

I have had enough of the Greens’ disregard of disability needs and issues. Below is the latest example of discrimination. I did point out this breach to you which you have ignored.:

Dear Mike Llywelyn,

Please accept my apologies for confusion over venue
The talks for Party members will be at York Taven (not the Garden House)

Here is the corrected item.

Autumn Talks for Green Party Members
Venue: upstairs room of the York Tavern, 1 Leicester Street, Norwich NR2 2AS.

Norwich Green Party has arranged a series of informal autumn discussions to enable members to meet and debate policy matters in a relaxed setting.

Arrive 7pm, talks to start at 7.15am followed by discussion, finish at 8.45pm. Please buy a drink to take upstairs and support free hire of venue.
Chair: John Greenaway, Emeritus Professor of Politics, UEA
1. Wednesday 23 September: Changing values to bring about both a healthier planet and greater human happiness
Teresa Belton will start by talking about her book, ‘Happier People, Healthier Planet: How putting wellbeing first would help sustain life on earth’.
2. Thursday 19 October: Dr Rupert Read – How the UK could move from a growth based economy to a steady state economy
For a stimulating read about two very different meanings of ‘austerity’, check out Rupert Read's new joint piece in The Ecologist:
3. Thursday 19 November: Dr Andy Permain: How can we pay for a Welfare State? A radical view.
For further information, please contact: Denise.carlo@btinternet.com


With hope, Warm regards,

Lesley Grahame
Membership co-ordinator
NorwichGreen Party

I am then resigning my membership of the Green Party and I have rejoined the Labour Party.

"Disability Labour should be at the heart of the decision-making process when we are formulating policies that effect disabled people and at the centre of discussions when we are debating the issues that affect them. It’s a partnership. That means consulting disabled members on a wide range of policies. But we also need to make sure our local parties are welcoming to everybody, and that means ensuring all events and meetings are accessible to all. I also want to introduce digital Constituency Labour Parties that will allow people to contribute and engage without always having to attend meetings in person. I hope that innovation might help some disabled members too.” (Tom Watson MP, from the Disability Labour website http://labourclp309.nationbuilder.com/tom_watson_mp)


Mike Llywelyn Cox.

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