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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Survivor News

The next meeting of the Survivor History Group  will be on Wednesday
29.7.2015 at 1pm-4pm (ish) at Together, 12 Old Street, London,  EC1V
9BE.  Food and drink to reward those who come.

Could everyone shout from the nearest window "Everyone is very
welcome at meetings of the Survivor History Group"?  Thank you.

We have a planned discussion of "Mental Health Service Users in
Research: Critical Sociological Perspectives" edited by Patsy


Several members are reading this and we agreed that each would report
back on an aspect of the book of their own choosing. I will be very
happy to receive written comments if you wish.

We may also have a discussion of "Splitting in Two: Mad Pride and
Punk Rock Oblivion" by Robert Dellar


led by Frank Bangay and a presentation of "Standing up to madness -
An autobiography" by its author, Nelsy


I attach a copy of "User involvement from a bus to Clapham - History,
impressions and reflections by Andrew Roberts". The file name
(dragon.doc) refers officially to St Georges Medical School,
unofficially to my confused feelings. 

The article started as a short - "no more than 1,000 words" -
account, called "An experiment in creating a history".

This was based on a conference at St George's on 1.6.2015.

Following constructive criticism (thank you), the two articles have
parted company. This short one, amended, may or may not appear one
day on a St George's website. The long one is the one I am working

If anyone has the time to read "User involvement from a bus to
Clapham", I think it could be useful background to the discussion of 
"Mental Health Service Users in Research: Critical Sociological
Perspectives" at the next meetings, and also to Robert Dellar and
Nelsy's research.

Thank you to Helen Spandler, Sadie Gower, Debbie Roberts, Diana Rose,
Peter Beresford and others for the help and criticism respecting St
George and the Dragon, and to our friends at St George's for inviting
me to take part in their mind-boggling experiment in the first place.

Best wishes, Andrew

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