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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Posting from Mo Stewart

This from Mo (via Bernadette) is a pithy cry against the state of the country and how it is slyly becoming just a puppet of multinational profiteers. It's well worth reading and absorbing:

  Here’s another brilliant piece by our friend Bernadette Meaden at Ekklesia:

Now we know how bad it will be: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11421844/Sick-note-culture-to-be-stamped-out-under-radical-new-scheme.html

Are our GPs really prepared to do this as it will, essentially, undermine their authority, their expertise, their doctor-patient relationship and make them a party to yet another highly discredited corporate giant’s profits. It will be interesting to see what the BMA has to say about this??!!

Of course, a lot of the influence is due to members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.
Perhaps it’s time to drop them a line again?  See attached.

Their new President, Richard Heron, claimed he would look into the bogus WCA once be officially became President.
A lot of people have died since then.
It must have slipped his mind…. So I’ll be writing to him in his official capacity soon…

Considering that the President of the Royal College of Medicine (RCM) is a Faculty Board member, it remains unclear why such eminent people will permit such atrocities, whilst turning a blind eye to the catastrophic human suffering, as the DWP Ministers are offered unlimited TV time to condemn chronically sick and disabled people for the great shame of costing the ‘hard-working tax payer’ money when too ill to work.

There is no evidence of mass fraud for disability or long-term sickness benefit.  DWP’s own figures exposed 0.3% of fraud for the Incapacity Benefit and 0.5% for DLA.  Is this a reason to terrify 3 million of our most vulnerable people when using a totally bogus ‘assessment’ model??

No matter who they are, they confuse illness with disability and this atrocity is only possible because it was decided that the WCA was a ‘functional’ assessment and, as such could and would totally disregard all diagnosis and prognosis – how very convenient, how very dangerous and how easy to kill all those who are too ill to work but whose Atos WCA declares them ‘fit to work’ because they can move a cardboard box.   This manipulation of medical authority is the very definition of medical tyranny is it not?  Where are the press??  Nowhere to be found…

Unfortunately, the FOM Board includes representatives from Capita and Maximus….
Is this why the Faculty have been struck dumb by the ongoing human catastrophe masquerading in the UK as welfare reforms???

Does the Royal College of Medicine not communicate with the BMA who, late last year in Nov 2014, reported:

“Our position remains that the WCA process should be scrapped with immediate effect and replaced with a rigorous and safe system that does not cause avoidable harm to the weakest and most vulnerable in society.”
http://bma.org.uk/search?query=work%20capability%20assessment: BMA briefing: Work Capability Assessment, November 2014

It appears to skip the attention of politicians that all these chronically sick people were ‘hard-working tax payers’ themselves before becoming too ill to work.

See: http://disability-studies.leeds.ac.uk/library/author/stewart.mo

Since being published by Research Gate my research has been downloaded a lot in the UK but also in Canada, Japan, China, America, Australia, New Zealand and Norway…
Unum Insurance it seems are big fans…  http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mo_Stewart/stats

The question remains as to when will the UK national press ever expose the reality of the welfare ‘reforms’ ??

The UK government have spent years demonising chronically sick and disabled people.  Where is the protest from the national press?

Isn’t it time the British people were told why this is happening and why people are dying, in their thousands, as the DWP refuse to publish the death totals and the entire national press refuse to tell the British people about the influence of Unum Insurance and the totally bogus, manipulated and dangerous BPS model of assessment?

Aylward and Waddell have a lot to answer for: http://dpac.uk.net/2014/09/gordon-waddells-biopsychosocial-attack-on-disabled-people/

New report almost complete.  Until now Waddell has been let off the hook.
It‘s time to apportion blame for this nightmare back where it belongs and then ask the question as to when all the experts in public health will challenge this State funded medical tyranny?

As demonstrated so well in Peter Beresford’s book: It’s Our Lives, the problem with ‘experts’ is that they are, invariably, able bodied and lack any form of experience.

Sonia, Amelia, Polly and CAMILLA TURNER (Telegraph) – over to you….

Then again, we do appear to have a Bureau of Investigative Journalism….


Mo Stewart
Disabled veteran (WRAF)
Disability studies researcher
Retired healthcare professional
*** The contents of this email are intended for the recipient only and may be confidential. Permission is not given for this information to be published, forwarded or distributed further. ***

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