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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Survivor History Help

Andrew Roberts of the Survivor History Network sends out this small plea:

The last month has been very difficult for me as it is not only my
most difficult annual period at work (reaching its end on Monday)
every year but also a period when my whole work environment, and that
of my colleagues, is changing and I have to redesign and relearn
everything (That is how it feels). This process of redesign and
relearning carries on throughout the summer. Many people in the
Survivor History Group know about this and I am grateful to those who
have refrained from asking me to do things during this period.

The number of things I am being asked to do is, however, large and
during this past few weeks it seems to have increased quite
dramatically. I do not even get the time to think what I can do and
cannot do. All I do is respond to some requests, knowing that others
are being ignored. I have been trying to say no to requests I will
not be able to fulfil, but some of the requests are quite determined
to find a positive response.

I need some time for myself. If people can help by reducing requests
to me for the rest of June, July and August it will help me catch up
with the backlog of work that needs doing for the group and allow me
to break away a bit and have time for myself. I realise that when
people make requests they are not aware of how many other requests I
am needing to deal with and so hope that sending this email will
alert you to the problem.

Thank you for your help,

Best wishes, Andrew

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