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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Survivor History Dates

From Andrew Roberts
Secretary Survivors History Group
telephone: 020 8 986 5251
home address: 177 Glenarm Road, London, E5 ONB

The dates of the Survivors History Group meetings in London the rest
of this year have now been fixed as

Wednesday 10.4.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 29.5.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 31.7.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 25.9.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 27.11.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together

Everyone is welcome at the meetings. Refreshments are provided. We
are usually there from 1pm to 5pm and it is fine to come for just
part of the meeting if you wish. We will be pleased to see you.

If you forget the date of a meeting, just google Survivors History
Group and, on our website, you will find a link that says "Click for
next London meeting - Everyone welcome"

The Together Office is at 12 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BE and you
will find a map on their website at

Best wishes, Andrew

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