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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trade Union Recognition at Last

Some excellent news for myself and others who have struggled to keep up with union demos in a wheelchair. This is from a TUC bulletin received today:

Access for disabled members at marches and rallies

The Midlands TUC Disability Forum recently discussed what can make a trade union march and rally better from the viewpoint of a disabled member. A number of things were highlighted by members of the Forum, including:

Hosting those with a disability at the front of the march so they can help set the pace of the march;

Having a number of places organised where disabled members could join or leave a march, so shortening the route or avoiding hills and slopes;

Refuge and toilet facilities;

Appropriately briefed and aware stewards;

The provision of a bus for the use of members when they are tired, so allowing them to keep up with the march rather than drop out.

The autumn will see two import campaign marches and rallies - at the Conservative Party rally in Birmingham on 7th October and the TUC March for a Future that Works in London on 20th October.

Importantly I would add:

Ensuring meetings venues are wheelchair accessible.



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