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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

More Survivor History re Minstead and Edale Meets

Please see below the email from Rick Hennelly that shows he has considerable additional archives respecting Minstead Lodge.

Best wishes,


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Hi Andrew,

Finally got the time to have a look at this, sorry for the delay. I kept a folder from the early days. Some of the highlights are:

A letter from Lorraine Bell to Chris Heginbothan at MIND dated 12.12.85 'on behalf of consumers and allies that met on 30.11.85- 1.12.85...after the Conference'. Presumably this was the MIND conference of that year. There is an appendix with a list of Groups and also a list of the individuals who were at the post-conference
meeting (I was not at that meeting).

'SSO conference '86' Minstead Lodge 24-26 Jan. A report on the organisation of a conference, with a complete list of attendees at the first meet. I was present at this and all subsequent Minstead meets. I borrowed a County Council minibus and drove down with 4 people from user-led groups in North Derbyshire and picked up 3
people from Nottingham en route.

Letter from Chris Heginbotham following the second Minstead meet (1-3 Aug 1986) re setting up 'a panel of users that MIND can consult'. Undated but probably Aug-Sept 1986.

Minutes from Minstead meet 1.8.86-3.8.86 which reference 13 people who were present. Along with this, a photocopy of an undated document which is a list of attendees, signed and with addresses for all attendees (25 in all). Although the document has no reference to Minstead, all 13 people mentioned in the minutes are on the attendee
list, so I am 99% sure it is a record of all who were present at the second Minstead meet.

Letter from Peter Campbell to Chris Heginbotham dated 4.2.87 'update of position with SSO' following third meet at Minstead 23.1.87-25.1.87.

Minutes of Minstead meet 23.1.87-25.1.87 including 'Aims and Objectives' document. No attendee list but several people referenced in the minutes.

Minutes of Planning Meetings of SSO held at Minstead 31.7.87-2.8.87 signed by Richard Sutton 5.8.87. Comes with SSO Newssheet by Peter C. dated Aug 1987.

Sundry items relating to the Edale Conference, including various lists of those who registered and those who attended. My task at Edale was to ferry attendees from the rail station to the Youth Hostel in the minibus.

I know I also have some photos taken at one of the Minstead meets which will have some group shots. Also some shots of us at Greenham Common Womens Peace Camp, where we dropped in on the way down to one of our Minstead meets. I am fairly sure I can locate these photos.

Keep up the good work

Many Regards


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