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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Health White Paper

I’ve posted below, a section from this week’s NSUN Bulletin. I think this is something that as many people as possible should respond to if we’re to try to keep our National Health Service and not find ourselves, by stealth, with a collection of private commercial organisations out to make a cash profit from our misery and ill-health.

A very strong protest about this consultation is that once again ordinary service users and carers who live in rural areas are being excluded from providing live feedback. For example, If you look at the last event on the list you’ll see the venue is to be either Cambridge or Peterborough. Both of these are at inaccessible distances for most people around where I live.

These things are arranged by ignorant citified mandarins who haven’t an inkling about ‘rural proofing.’

Consultation Events on the Health White Paper
The White Paper on Health has the potential to create one of the biggest changes to the structure and function of the NHS since its creation in 1948.  Within the White Paper there are 5 consultations which are all open until early October.  Although the ‘what’ in the White Paper has largely been decided, the ‘how’ is very much still being shaped.
During September, Regional Voices will be hosting events in 9 locations across the country for the third sector. 
These will give you the opportunity to learn more about the proposed changes through the White Paper as well as having the chance to attend three interactive consultation workshops during the day to discuss issues in depth and to provide feedback directly to those leading on the consultations from the Department of Health.
Further details can be found on the Regional Voices website at www.regionalvoices.net or by calling 0113 394 2304 (text phone users add prefix 18001 to access BT Type talk).
The events will:
  • Raise awareness among the third sector of the proposed changes in the Health White Paper
  • Help third sector organisations understand how the White Paper will impact on their work.
  • Identify some of the cross cutting issues of particular relevance to the sector
  • Provide a forum to develop understanding of the role of the Third Sector in emerging health structures
  • Provide direct feedback to the Department of Health on the consultation areas
Dates and Venues

North West


7th September (provisional)

South East


8th September (confirmed)



10th September (confirmed)

South West


14th September (confirmed)

West Midlands


17th September (provisional)

Yorkshire & Humber


20th or 27th September (provisional)

North East


22nd September (confirmed)

East Midlands


23rd September (confirmed)


Cambridge or Peterborough (to be confirmed)

24th September (date confirmed)

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