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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Monday, 18 March 2013

News from Survivor History

>From Andrew Roberts
Secretary Survivors History Group
telephone: 020 8 986 5251
home address: 177 Glenarm Road, London, E5 ONB

I am sorry that I have not responded to everyone who has written to
me. Those of you who have concluded that I am (reasonably) not
alright have reasoned well. But there are no disasters, just even
more incompetence than before as the older I get, the more little
bits fall off.

Most of you want to know when the London meetings are. This is the

Wednesday 10.4.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 29.5.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 31.7.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 25.9.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together
Wednesday 27.11.2013 Survivors History Group 1pm Together

Note that the next one is in April, not the end of March.

If you have internet access, which I think you will have if you are
receiving this, you may like to consult the website about dates:


Near the top it says "Click for next London meeting - Everyone

The website is usually much more reliable than I am. It is thinking
of taking me over!

Best wishes, Andrew

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