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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
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Sunday, 25 September 2011

True Ideology?

An unexpected letter from Richard Bacon in Parliamentary livery came today. It turns out to be an unasked for consequence of my face to face discussion with Mr Bacon on 24th June. Apparently it also turns out that Mr Bacon wrote to Maria Miller (Minister for Disabled People) as an immediate result (She says her letter is dated 24th June) of our discussion and today's letter encloses her belated reply to him.

Maria Miller starts by saying “I am unable to identify the comments that have been attributed to me.” The comments she means are those in my posting of 2nd June – those I pointed out in my letter in the Eastern Evening News. The link for a copy of my letter on PPlog is: http://micoxpplog.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-letter-of-2nd-june-in-eastern-daily.html  and the link for Dr Chris Edwards' report in which she said are inaccuracies is http://www.campaignagainstcuts.org.uk/documents/facts/impact-of-cut-on-disabled-people-in-norfolk-012011.pdf  and I will send this blog to Mr Bacon to send it to Ms Miller inviting her to identify what she considers inaccurate in this document.

However, I think it worth quoting the some of her other comments – there is different content and tone from what she has said up to now. She says in her letter:
...the Government is committed to supporting disabled people who suffer from the most severe barriers and greatest support needs in our society. That is why we set out that people claiming Disability Living Allowance will not have their working age benefits capped. Additionally, we will not remove the Disability Living Allowance mobility component from people in residential care in 2012. We will consider the needs of people living in residential care at the same time as all other Disability Living Allowance recipients as we develop the Personal Independence Payment that is due to be introduced in 2013.

Disabled people who can work, and are facing the most severe barriers to doing so, will get the intensive help and support needed to get closer to the labour market through our new Work Choice Programme. This will provide disabled customers, as well as a wide range of our other customers, with an integrated and personalised system of back-to-work support.”
 It seems obvious that her rhetoric department have been active but if we peel back the gloss we can surmise that it reads:
The Government is committed to removing disabled people from our society by stealthily erecting the most severe barriers for them to smash themselves against and by inducing them to suicide by imposing incapacitating threats which eventually lead to exposure to ATOS.”

Those left alive we will subject to compulsory labour in concealed factories - meaning we will be able to compete with our far eastern friends for low cost. This is the first stage in creating our successful society in which the rich and privileged can lead a comfortable and problem free existence, using and exploiting our low-born fellows to feed the competitive markets for us.
Our next step will be to clear our country of undesirable aliens."
Given the reality of the brutal attitudes the Government demonstrates to disabled people, is this all fantasy?

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