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Protest, Norwich Job Centre

Protest, Norwich Job Centre
Fatso Gets Militant!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Giz A Job – Atos Origin Recruitment Day – 14 June


Benefit claimants, disabled people and supporters will be attending Atos Healthcare’s Recruitment Day on June 14th at 5pm and have called on people to join them.

Bring bandages, fake blood, banners, placards, CVs, the noise. 

Tuesday, June 14 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm 


Atos Origin, 4 Triton Square, London, NW1 3HG 

In the spirit of actively seeking work we will be demanding that if we are all ‘fit for work’ then Atos, notorious for a lack of disabled access in their premises, should consider us for employment directly. 
Atos Healthcare,a subsidiary of French IT firm Atos Origin, have signed off thousands of sick and disabled people as ‘fit for work, despite the opinions of the claimants own doctors and other medical professionals. 

Atos’ computer based testing, described by one expert as unfit for purpose, has led to people with terminal illnesses, conditions such as advanced MS, or people with mental health conditions being stripped of health benefits. Several claimants have taken their own lives as a result of these decisions. 

This testing is now being extended to everyone on Incapacity Benefit and looks like being rolled out to test people claiming Disability Living Allowance. Atos are recruiting ‘healthcare’ professionals around the country to carry out these tests. 

We’ll be attending the recruitment event at their plush Central London Headquarters on June 14th from 5pm. 

Come and join us help warn potential Atos employees exactly what their new role might entail. We will be highlighting the devastating consequences for people’s health these tests have inflicted, directly opposing the fundamental medical principal of ‘first do no harm’. 

We will also be asking for a job. This may count as legitimate activity as part of your Job Seekers Agreement. But it probably won’t. 

Atos are also recruiting in Croydon on June 9th. We might go there too.

(Atos have been threatening legal action over the use of the above image and phrase Atos Kills - so feel free to post it everywhere!)


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